Case Study: How a Training Company saw a 35% open rate on cold data with Sherpa

Mass mailing or 1:2:1 email delivery? There was only one clear winner for this client.

A change of strategy saw an improved result

Achieved and open rate of 35% on prospecting data

Resulted in 16 leads on second send

Case Study

About Client & Project

The Training Company provides an outstanding selection of apprenticeship training and eLearning training courses covering business skills, IT skills, healthcare training and health & safety.

They approached Emailmovers to help them generate more traffic to their website with the goal of converting enquiries for apprenticeships they offer.

Whilst bulk HTML email continues to be the most cost effective strategy for many, Sherpa may be a more suitable strategy for some. In this case study we see one such example and take a close look at exactly what happened.

Training company


A Training Company replied to one of Emailmovers' email marketing campaigns promoting the different email delivery solutions we have on offer.

The main challenge of this project was to find new customers and enquiries for their apprenticeship training schemes.
The client already sent email campaigns to their CRM on a regular basis but were interested in reaching new customers with a fresh prospecting data set.

The client originally chose Emailmovers over a competitor due to the care and attention to understand their aims and objectives and the range of solutions available.

The ability to provide multiple solutions including self service, mass email marketing, enabled Emailmovers to standout above rival email marketing companies.


Emailmovers identified early on that the client's offer would be most suited to Sherpa (1:2:1 solution) to find new customers.

However, the client chose to go ahead with a broad data set matching their desired targeting for amass HTML mailer instead, as they were more familiar with this type of email campaign.

After the lack of success from this initial campaign a decision was made to narrow down an audience for a Sherpa campaign by analysing current converting industries from their CRM marketing.

The email copy was written incorporating their core USP and learnings from high performing campaigns utilising personalisation.

After an initial first few sends with no new leads the data was re-assessed, placing a focus on local companies only.

Following these final changes the campaign proceeded to generate a high number of positive replies for telephone consultations and discussions.



The first campaign sent to 90,528 contacts using the mass email delivery approach generated 0 leads.
Following the changes to a Sherpa approach and changing the copy and audience, we saw the following results:

Total Email Contacts:


Open Rate:


Positive Responses:
16 Leads


Positive Response Rate:



What is Sherpa?

1:2:1 cold email outreach solution - Sherpa allows you to find new customers on autopilot. The system sends your introductory cold email sequence to prospects.

Sherpa is your perfect virtual worker - Sherpa remembers who has responded and who hasn’t and follows up with them automatically either in the same thread or a new one.

Lead Generation - Sherpa manages your replies automatically filtering bounces, auto-replies and sending you alerts as and when a response/lead is received.