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Target up to 3.5 million businesses by email

As data owners of the UK’s largest B2B email marketing database, we have the data you are looking for.

Target by location, job role, industry, company size, technology and more.

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    Find your target business email data list from up to 3.5 million contacts

    With the UK’s industry leading B2B email data file, you can be confident that Emailmovers can help you find a highly targeted data list to fit your business needs.

    Your dedicated account manager can assist you in selecting your B2B email data list or if you prefer, you can run your own business email data counts live on our counting engine.

    Geographic Selections

    • Drive Distance
    • Region
    • Postcode
    • Town
    • County

    Business Selections

    • Job Role
    • Industry
    • Employee Size
    • Fleet
    • Turnover

    Specialist Selections

    • Ecommerce Websites
    • Sage Users
    • FTSE
    • LSE
    • Many more

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