Email Appending

Missing email addresses on your database?

Having email addresses for your customers opens the door to cross channel marketing.

We can help you append some of the email addresses you are missing.

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    Email Appending

    Missed sales opportunities?

    Our email appending service, What’sAppending? will match email addresses to your existing customer database and turn your contact list into a powerful tool that enables both traditional and digital communication with your target market.

    Email Appending

    Appending valid email addresses to your database allows you to:

    • Open the door to cross channel marketing
    • Send strong and consistent communication by email
    • Reach huge volumes of your audience simultaneously
    • Increase response, leads and revenue from current marketing activities

    The Email Appending Process

    Email Appending

    Step 1: Submit

    Submit your database to Emailmovers to analyse the quality and fill of your data file

    Email Appending

    Step 2: Match Test

    Projected costs are given, based on estimates after a match test with a fixed price per record


    Step 3: Process

    We match your entire database against our global pool of data

    Email Appending

    Step 4: Records Verified

    All successful matches are verified by our in-house verification software to ensure you receive only valid data

    Email Appending

    Step 5: Complete

    Your database is returned with new information and you only pay for validated records

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    If you are looking for an email appending project, let us know your requirements for a free quote by using the ‘Talk to Us’ box.

    Alternatively, you can email our team on or call us on 01723 800030.