Email Data Cleansing

Problems delivering to your email data?

Online and managed email cleansing options to remove bad email addresses from your database.

Prevent bad email data from degrading your database.

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    Email Data Cleansing Services


    Online Cleansing Plans

    There is no reason to send to invalid email addresses again. Our online self-service email cleansing tool allows you to upload your database to check every email address you hold from as little as £8.


    Managed Cleansing

    Our B2B postal database is the most extensive in the marketplace and contains full contact information of decision makers across all businesses and industries across the UK.


    Email Cleansing API

    Our B2C postal data has a reach of over 42 million UK consumers across a range of demographics.

    Prevent bad email data from degrading your database

    Emailinspector is a revolutionary new way of updating and cleansing your email addresses without risking blacklisting your IP. This online service allows you to upload bulk lists of email addresses to check for bounces, wrong addresses and duplicates and leaves you with a clean and up-to-date list that is ready for use.


    How can you improve your current data sets?


    Email Cleansing

    Cleanse your existing email data sets with the online email cleansing tool, ‘Emailinspector’. Simply upload your email database to run your data through an initial cleanse. For more problematic or larger files we can take your file in-house through a more thorough cleanse.

    Get your email database fresh and up-to-date, identifying:

    • Hard-bounces
    • Gone-aways
    • Spam traps
    • Duplicates
    • Invalid email addresses

    Email & Data Appending

    Many companies simply do not have the right personalised email address for the contacts they hold on their data sets. They also experience problems with hard bounces and genuine gone-aways in their data. With data appending you can:

    • Find the correct email address for your contact
    • Find an alternative contact in that role if left position

    Transforming your customer database into a powerful online sales and marketing engine.

    If there is gaps for other information such as postal, telephone, mobile or other company or demographic information, these can also be appended.

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