How to Find New B2B Clients

Emailology #10

Back in 2019 I was finding that my day was full of client work that kept getting in the way of my lead generation.  As a result I came up with a way of finding new customers by putting on evening events in Leeds and Manchester that helped me help others figure out how to use email to grow their business and find me potential new clients both at the same time.

The process is a two-step process and started out with me running an actual, physical event then converting this to a webinar.

Run An Event

I did this myself so I know it works.  In short, if you live near a city then you can typically find rooms to hire that are located near train stations and are available by the hour.


My closest City is York but Leeds is only 20 minutes down the line so I opted for Leeds in order to get the largest potential market and used Bruntwood meeting rooms as my location - the cost for a room for 2 hours worked out at around £100 and included space for up to 8 people as well as Internet, Tea/Coffee and a large display.  Note that I did not actually book the space and/or a return train ticket until I got my first booking so as not to be out of pocket if the event did not attract an audience.


I then created an account with Eventbrite and scheduled events on the theme “How to Grow Your Business Using Email Marketing” and offered tickets to these events for free to attract potential customers (not generate cash yet).

A lot of people use Eventbrite and it also does well on the Search Engines so my events got in front of the right organic audience which resulted in 23 total bookings and generated £2,730 + VAT in sales revenues from companies that sent people along to these events.


You might be thinking that circa £2,730 isn’t all that much if you consider the time/effort I put in the event however this is where the next step comes in.

Convert to a Webinar

Once I had run a couple of these events I spotted the types of people attending and the companies they worked for. I discussed the issues they were having in detail and worked out ways they could help themselves. At each event I got permission to record the audio of the whole event and once I had completed 5 events in total I put all my material together to create a step-by-step webinar.


My webinar presentation was a bit rubbish at first but then I hired Rupert Harrison (freelance planner/strategist) to reshape my webinar presentation into something much more appealing by focusing very much on the why and not the how. Once I had my webinar presentation ready I created my webinar and associated landing page using WebinarJam and began to promote it by email to an audience similar to those people that had attended the live events in Leeds and Manchester.


Now, obviously email data and delivery is free to us of course however when I work it out the ROI is still very good at our standard rates.  Our email marketing solution is a three step process as follows:

  • Countrunner - For list building
  • Deliverite - For HTML email delivery to generate engagement, clicks and traffic.
  • Sherpa - For sending a more personal, plain text message sequence to the HTML email openers to generate direct responses.


The trick is to invest in a list that can be used repeatedly, not once which is what Emailmovers offers with Countrunner - each month subscribers get new credits they can use to download fresh contacts.  Deliverite identifies if a person is engaged and Sherpa makes the interaction personal.

The webinar should run weekly, not once and if you use WebinarJam you can actually use EverWebinar to run your webinar automatically each week.  I ran mine live every Thursday because I enjoyed it.

The webinar generated approximately  £8,000 + VAT in the first 24 hours of it running and I went on to run it several times over the next few months and around month 3 the revenue began to drop off so I stopped, however whilst it ran I had a very healthy overall ROI.


My son Ollie recently quit his job in a call centre in London to start up his own outbound cold calling business up North in Malton, North Yorkshire and in a recent conversation asked me for advice on finding new customers, whilst he cold called during the day.  I suggested he use the above approach - i.e. running a cold calling event in Leeds then converting that to a webinar hence where the content for this blog post came from.

He’s going to test the idea but charge a fee for tickets to cover his costs.


I hope the information above is of value to you too.

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