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Looking to get more out of your CRM database?

Unlock the power of 121 email sequences to reignite your contacts with relevant content. Discover the potential of Sherpa to rekindle those connections.

Sherpa is a sales engagement platform that can assist you in:

  • Reigniting customer engagement
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Upselling a range of services
  • Fuelling your pipeline with fresh leads
  • Driving revenue growth
  • & more

Engage with your contacts in 3 simple steps:

Email Marketing

Step 1 – Segment your lists

You can set up as many sequences as you want so you can be highly targeted in your lists and content.

Step 2 – Automate communications

Craft impactful email sequences with ease, using pre-populated content tailored to your audience. Set optimal delivery times with timed delays.

Step 3 – Spark new conversations

Sherpa manages replies, auto-responses, and unsubscribes, notifying you of genuine replies for seamless takeover.

Key Features of Sherpa:

Write and create personalised email content

Do you have an email template that absolutely rocks? If so, simply copy and paste your template in and let Sherpa do the rest.
Sending to smaller lists of targeted contacts not only allows you to be highly relevant with your content, but it also helps aid better email delivery results.

Use the features in Sherpa’s email builder that help your email become highly personalised, including:

  • Full text editor
  • Various merge tags
  • Create new merge tags
  • Insert time of day merge tags

Create the perfect delivery formula

Schedule email delivery times and timed follow ups to encourage positive engagement. Set your sequence running. Following each email sent you can look at improving future results, split test content and schedule different days/times to work out what works best for you.
The options available for scheduling sequences include:

  • Set your own delivery window
  • Thread emails with the same subject
  • Set up follow up emails (days, hours, minutes) if no response
  • A/B split testing

Manage replies from your own inbox

Sherpa organises your replies automatically by filtering bounces, auto-replies and sending you alerts as and when a response is received. You can check replies either within Sherpa or within your inbox directly.

  • Auto-replies, unsubscribes and bounces automatically filtered
  • Get notified when a response comes in
  • Seamlessly take over responses in your inbox

Simple Monthly Pricing:

Self Service


3 Email ID's

1 User

Fully Managed Service


Content writing & lead monitoring

Weekly performance calls

*Please note that we charge a setup fee of £249 + VAT on all plans – this includes the registration of a non-precious domain where emails will originate from, the creation of a Google Workspace Account with the number of Email ID’s relevant to your monthly plan and connection with Sherpa.

Examples of success from Sherpa:

This marketing consultant generated 17 booked calls with this email campaign targeting companies using a specific technology by addressing the pain points they may be experiencing and offering a done for you solution – call to action is a call.


This SME offering professional services generated 21 booked calls with this email campaign offering a free trial of their workplace solution to large PLC’s across the U.K.


This marketing consultant generated 6 booked calls with this email campaign targeting charities offering a case study followed by a free consultation – call to action is a call.


This eCommerce Expert generated 9 booked calls with this email campaign targeting eCommerce sites running a specific eCommerce solution identifying  a specific pain point and offering a done for you solution.


Working with Sherpa has helped us to connect with potential new customers.  We will be continuing to utilitse Sherpa to assist with our business growth

First 2 Help

Alicia Mather



The fantastic thing about Sherpa is the on demand analysis we've been able to use to make key decisions.  The service and support provided has been invaluable

London School of Sales

Vinit Shah



Duncan really knows his stuff and listens to his clients needs. Will definitely use again.

Email Postman

Shaun Reynolds

Email Postman


This is so much more than data and an email platform (although the platform itself has some seriously cool features).

You get huge amounts of input from real experts who'll help you finesse your approach so you start getting responses. Highly recommend!


Emma Humphrey

Original Genius


Duncan is the email guy for a reason. His expertise on email outreach is incredible and he is handholding you through the entire process in order to help you achieve your results.

Even as a newbie in this area I was able to make everything work in a simple way and start my cold email outreach. I also got templates and advices on how to optimise my campaign.

I would definitely recommend Emailmovers to anyone.

Alessio Pieroni

Digital Marketing Consultant, Expert & Speaker | Ex-Apple and Mindvalley

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