Celebrating 20 years in business

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Emailmovers is a full service B2B email marketing agency offering clients a global reach to over 700m contacts across 30m companies. Founded in 2003 by brothers Duncan and Jamie, Emailmovers have been at the forefront of email marketing since its inception. Over the years, Emailmovers has brought millions into the local economy working for clients including Microsoft, IBM, Toyota, Prudential and Virgin Media.

One of the strengths of Emailmovers is our team. Some of the team members have been with the agency for over a decade, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to their work. Additionally, because Emailmovers allows remote work, we are able to recruit talented individuals from across Yorkshire. Currently, we are actively seeking new team members to join our sales and data teams to help meet the growing demand for email marketing.

Emailmovers isn't just limited to Yorkshire though. We also have satellite offices in Europe and work with partners across the World. expanding our global reach even further. With Google and Facebook dominating online ad spend, many business owners and marketing teams are looking for alternative ways to reach customers. Emailmovers is increasingly helping companies de-risk their online ad spend by demonstrating how email marketing can drive growth and engagement.

We are proud to announce that we are celebrating the start of our 20th year in business and we are looking forward to the future of Emailmovers.

Emailmovers Story So Far



Emailmovers was founded and the very first office opened in London.
Our very first logo was created.

Emailmovers started to build the UK B2B email marketing database based on Companies House, which is still maintained today.

Founded Screenshot


Gmail Launched


Head Office moved to Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Following rapid expansion, Emailmovers opened its first office outside London in Scarborough, which then became the company headquarters.

The volume of the UK B2B Email Database increased to ½ million contacts.


Logo rebrand

The Emailmovers brand started to develop along with Emailmovers range of email marketing products. The team started to grow.

Emailmovers started offering Email Appending

Logo Rebrand Screenshot


Emails go responsive - with the popularity of smartphones


Logo rebrand

Emailmovers continued to become a well known brand in the B2B email marketing space and a new website and logo were created.

Logo Rebrand Screenshot 2


Launched Email Cleansing Service

Emailmovers started offering an email cleansing service to clients.


Emailmovers hits 1M contacts

The volume of the UK B2B Email Database increased to 1 million contacts.

Emailmovers became a fully fledged global provider by growing its Global Data reach.


New website and Logo Rebrand

As the company continued to grow, Emailmovers updated its website and logo again to keep up with the rapidly changing industry.

Logo Rebrand Screenshot 3


GDPR introduced

Leading up to 25 May 2018, Emailmovers prepared its data strategy in order to continue offering a high quality data and marketing service  post GDPR.


Emailmovers went virtual & a registered trademark

Covid changed our working life & email became more important for communication during the COVID-19 pandemic. Emailmovers also becomes a registered trademark.

Emailmovers Trademark


New Website and Logo

Emailmovers made its biggest logo change to reflect the evolution of the company and brand. This new design of the ‘envelope’ shows progression of our technological approach.

Launch of Deliverite - Email Delivery Platform
Launch of Sherpa - 1-2-1 Email Marketing & Lead Generation

Logo Rebrand Screenshot 4


Emailmovers hits 1.5M contacts

The volume of the UK B2B Email Database increased to 1.5 million contacts. Emailmovers rebranded as ‘The Home of Email Marketing’ as it always has been.


Celebrating 20 Years in business!

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