Case Study: Social Power's Successful Outreach Campaign with Emailmovers

Professional Training and Coaching firm Social Power collaborated with Emailmovers to revolutionise their customer database and supercharge their cold email outreach efforts. By employing smart data analysis and targeted outreach strategies, Emailmovers played a crucial role in driving customer acquisition and expanding Social Power's outreach. The key highlights of this case study are:

Enhanced customer database and cold email outreach

Data Health Analysis removed invalid contacts and enriched the data.

Achieved 48 positive responses and secured a 200% ROI within 30 days

Social Power's Experience

Listen to Penny Power OBE talk about the results from the campaign and her experience working with Emailmovers on this project.

Penny Power OBE

"I can highly recommend Emailmovers to anyone looking for a trusted supplier of business email lists - their friendly service, list quality and in-depth knowledge around UK GDPR has helped us identify and develop email outreach as a brand new channel to market for our business"

Penny Power OBE

Social Power

Case Study


Social Power, a thriving community, recently partnered with Emailmovers to improve their customer database and boost their cold email outreach. The results have been phenomenal, with Social Power achieving a marked increase in positive responses. This case study will explore the strategies employed, the services rendered by Emailmovers, and the outcomes of this successful partnership.


Social Power was faced with the challenge of increasing their outreach. The existing customer database of circa 6,000 contacts required an update, as it contained outdated and invalid contacts. Additionally, the community wanted to optimise its Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and target lookalike contacts to expand its reach.

Data Health Analysis Report


Emailmovers, a leading provider of Business Email Lists and Services, came on board to help Social Power address these challenges. The company carried out a comprehensive Data Health Analysis on Social Power's customer database, successfully matching almost 70% of Social Power contacts and in turn therefore helping them remove invalid contacts and enrich the remaining contact and company information.


Social Power uses Hubspot and whilst Hubspot allows up to 1 million contacts free of charge, Hubspot does charge for contacts that Social Power markets to.  By removing invalid contacts, Social Power was able to free up space for additional marketing contacts at no extra charge.


The real peace of mind for Social Power however was knowing that the contact data within Hubspot was now cleaner.  Like with many companies, some contacts were old, had been moved over from old databases and had not been contacted at all since the original upload, almost 3 years ago.  The data validation by Emailmovers restored confidence in the data.

Building on this cleaned data, Emailmovers created an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for Social Power. This crucial step enabled the company to accurately identify the demographic and firmographic traits of their most valuable customers..


Following the establishment of the ICP, Emailmovers provided 3,000 lookalike contacts, mirroring the traits of the ideal customers to facilitate an effective cold email outreach campaign.


ICP by Emailmovers


Social Power's investment in Emailmovers' services yielded immediate returns. The cold email outreach campaign resulted in 48 positive responses from just the first 960 of the total 3,000 lookalike contacts supplied by Emailmovers.

Moreover, Social Power has already secured two confirmed clients, a significant return on the community's investment.


This partnership exemplifies the potential for growth when robust data analysis and strategic outreach are applied. By refining Social Power's customer database, creating an Ideal Customer Profile, and providing lookalike contacts, Emailmovers was instrumental in enhancing Social Power's email marketing campaign. The positive responses and the addition of two valuable clients demonstrate the effectiveness of the tailored solution provided by Emailmovers and underscore the value of their services in driving customer acquisition and outreach expansion.

Moving forward, the partnership between Social Power and Emailmovers will continue to leverage smart data analysis and targeted outreach to optimise growth and community engagement, demonstrating the true power of well-managed email marketing.

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