Case Study: Turning around a global email campaign in 7 days

In April 2022, our client, a global provider of cargo fastening equipment, decided to implement a price increase. To ensure effective communication, they partnered with Emailmovers, a renowned email marketing agency with extensive experience. Emailmovers crafted a comprehensive email campaign to convey the price adjustment accurately and successfully to their widespread clientele, resulting in a well-received communication strategy.

30,000 Customers

20 Countries

11 Languages

Case Study

About the Client & Project

Our client provides shipping companies with cargo fastening equipment to ensure items are secured safely within shipping containers all around the World. The client has revenues in excess of $148M and currently employs 450 staff globally.

Emailmovers is a full service email marketing agency providing over 5,000 customers with email marketing solutions. Emailmovers has revenue in excess of £1.4M and currently employs 20 staff in the UK.

In late April 2022, the client decided on a global price increase. With over 30,000 customers across 20 countries speaking 11 different languages. The communication of such a service announcement was considered of paramount importance.

Global Email Campaign


The client researched a number of different solutions, finally deciding that the best solution would be a comprehensive email that detailed each customer, each product in-use by that customer within the last 12 months and the new price for each product.

The complexity of this task was considerable. As such, the client decided to look for a specialist email agency that could manage the campaign from beginning to end.

It was imperative that the email be delivered at least one week before the effective date of the price increase. The week commencing the 16th April.

The client researched potential partners, finally deciding on Emailmovers as the best partner.

Emailmovers rescheduled several projects to help achieve the deadline and in turn refocused three in-house expert resources to the client project including Emailmovers co-founder Duncan Gledhill, Operations Manager Chris Buxton and Head of Systems Robert McClean.

A project plan was created by Duncan Gledhill that detailed the overall objectives, assets required and timeframe of all the tasks required to achieve the desired outcome ahead of deadline.


The client uses 2 different data systems - a CRM and an ERP. The systems join via the customer number. It was therefore agreed that 2 files would be provided to Emailmovers, 1 from the CRM and 1 from the ERP system. Both files would then need to be joined by Emailmovers in order to create a single output file.

The clients customers use multiple products - over 50 in some circumstances. Therefore the majority of emails would need to contain product information on multiple products. Normally when using fields in an email to discuss products, one field represents one product however with the client, each product had five supporting product fields which made the use of fields in the normal way difficult. For instance, for those customers with over 50 products there would have been 250 different values. Most email delivery platforms have a limit to the number of custom fields that can be created, that limit is often less than 99.

The client operates across 20 Countries in 11 languages - as a result of this a minimum of 20 different emails would need to be created and tested using live data then scheduled for delivery according to the time zone of that Country. Each email needed to come from a unique email address relevant to that Country and all replies would need to go to a different, Country specific email address identified by the client.

Since 2003, Emailmovers has worked on many different email campaigns for many different customers. However it was agreed that this campaign came with challenges that would require a fresh approach, specifically the complex personalisation of the email campaign.

Our Head of Systems, Robert McClean suggested designing a query to output the product data as formatted HTML rather than text. This HTML could then be inserted into a single Custom Field.

Our Co-Founder, Duncan Gledhill searched across multiple systems including SendGrid (already used by the client) to see whether or not that platform could handle HTML within a custom field but found that it was unable to. As an alternative, Emailmovers suggested using its own enterprise strength platform, Deliverite, to manage the campaign delivery - this platform supports HTML within custom fields.

Global Email Campaign


Over a period of a week, the team at Emailmovers completed the database merge and export. Operations Manager, Chris Buxton then created all 20 campaigns across 11 different languages and tested each campaign with live data for final approval. The amount of testing required significant client liaison which was completed as per the project plan. Changes were made as and where necessary ahead of the final campaign delivery on the 16th April. Once all campaigns were scheduled, the client was provided with access to the Emailmovers complex campaign delivery platform, Deliverite in order to monitor delivery.

“I am so very proud of our whole campaigns team, they have worked tirelessly to help an important Global logistics company execute a crucial and complex service announcement by email within a very short timeframe and in by doing so have played a small part in keeping the Global economy moving at a difficult time following what has been a challenging time for logistics companies all around the World.”

Duncan Gledhill - Emailmovers

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