Managed Email Cleansing

Experiencing high hard bounce rates on email data files?

Our in-house managed service rigorously tests the validity of each record on your database.

Taking every email address through a 4 step process – each record will be graded on deliverability.

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Emailmovers has developed a managed email cleansing service conducted in house, which rigorously tests the validity of each record on file. This replaces the archaic method of tele-verifying every record at huge costs and unrealistic timescales. After the full verification is complete, a final report is delivered along with the cleansed data and a Valid/Invalid response for every record on the file.

Email data files require constant monitoring and frequent cleansing. If you hold a file of email data, there is a chance that you will see a natural decay rate of up to 5% each month. This loss in accuracy accumulates over time and can result in deliverability issues, poor response rates and a reduction in ROI.

Why use a managed email cleansing service rather than online solutions?

Managed Service Highlights:

  1. Identifies the validity of every record on file
  2. Returns a ‘OK to send’ or ‘Do not send’ response
  3. Gives user 100% confidence in their email data
  4. Ensures the best response possible
  5. Improve their sender score and relations with ESP’s

The biggest limitation and largest downfall of any ‘pinging’ solution is that it simply isn’t able to return a definite Yes / No response for every record. There’s always a proportion of the file which remains ‘unknown’ or catch-all's. This can often exceed 50% of the file. This is where Emailmovers Email Cleansing USP really comes into play.


We’re blown away by the results from cleaning the data with you, thank for your help and for processing it so quickly. On our first campaign following the email cleanse we have seen an improved open rate of 32% and a click through rate of 10% (plus were not getting blocked like we did before the cleanse!)


Jack Bremer


Email Cleansing Process

The in-house managed cleanse is performed by our dedicated team of data analysts and bypasses the initial server response, often designed to mislead delivery software, to performs an expanded look-up to establish if the record in question is actually present on the company’s directory.

We take your database in-house for a more thorough cleanse which will resolve every email address either valid or invalid using the 4 step process:

  1. Initial Analysis – Duplicate & Ill-formed addresses removed
  2. Data Scrub – Spam trap addresses identified and removed
  3. Top Level Inspection – Invalid addresses removed
  4. Full Validation & Final Report

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