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    Control your own email
    marketing campaigns

    Deliverite gives you full flexibility to manage and send your email campaigns in your own time. Powerful features such as drag and drop email design, automation, landing pages and huge personalisation options, means that you can make it suit you and your business.


    Key Features include:


    Drag & Drop Email Design

    Customise email campaigns using elements such as columns, headers, text, images, buttons and more. Create great looking designs that are optimised for mobile devices with no need to know how to code.


    Marketing Automation

    Drive more sales by automating your marketing. Our system gives you the ability to create intelligent user journeys that are customised by you.


    Landing pages and more

    Personalise your landing pages, forms and more.


    Clear Reporting & Analytics

    See detailed campaign performance – opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes & engagement.

    The managed email delivery service includes:

    • Data import/export/prep
    • Segmentation
    • Campaign Set-up
    • Testing and optimisation
    • Reporting

    Fully Managed Email Delivery Service

    Our fully managed email delivery service sends around 30 million emails every month using our bespoke email delivery platform and many other well known ESPs (Email Service Providers).

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