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    Our consumer postal data file is compiled and aggregated from over 60 data contributors and uses unique social insights to accurately target recipients on issues that are pertinent to them. Other sources include insurance providers, finance companies, retailers & lifestyle surveys. All data provided complies with current legislation and is cleansed through a variety of methods, meaning the data you purchase from Emailmovers is of the highest possible quality.

    Why choose our B2C Postal data file?

    • Largest availability of data with a reach of over 42 Million UK Consumer Records
    • Profile against Social Insights based on information from Facebook
    • Unique targeting demographics for highly responsive campaigns
    • Multi-channel data available allowing for increased communication
    • Numerous validation techniques used on all aspects of the data

    Postal Data FAQs

    The following selections can be used to identify
    your target audience:


    • Car insurance
    • Home insurance
    • Car make and model
    • Accident data
    • Occupation
    • Loan Type & Amount
    • Prime & Sub-prime
    • & More

    Lifestyle Data

    • Holiday Destination
    • Hobbies
    • Interests
    • Number of holidays
    • Products purchased
    • & More

    Social Data

    • Brands
    • Actors
    • Local Businesses
    • Products
    • Entertainment
    • TV Shows
    • & More


    • Name
    • Age
    • Location
    • Gender
    • Marital Status/Income
    • Children
    • Social Bands
    • & More

    The social data and our unique data counting ‘portal’ allows us to intelligently search, segment, count and export data is totally unique and allows us to help you identify the types of customers who are likely to want to buy your products or use your services.

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