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How would you like your very own Email Marketing Assistant? 

Introducing EmailGenie, the Emailmovers assistant! A virtual helper that can help you research, write and plan your email marketing campaigns. This tool uses AI to help you with your subject lines, market research and copywriting.


What makes EmailGenie different from other AI tools out there? This one is being developed and trained by one of the UK’s leading email marketing agencies, with over 20 years of experience. Over time it will only get better! 


At the moment whilst still in training, EmailGenie is free for our clients to use. In future it will also be trained to run instant counts for you.


The 3 key functions of EmailGenie are:

1. Write Subject Lines

Ask EmailGenie to write you a subject line that promotes your email topic. 

subject line

2. Market Research

Use EmailGenie to do some market research.

Ask it what a topic of interest may be to your audience right now and base your cold email outreach on this topic.

market research

3. Write Email Copy

Ask EmailGenie to write you short emails (around 60 words).

You can use the market research to base your topic on.

You can then use these for your Cold Email Outreach.

write email copy

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