1-2-1 Email Sequences: Reigniting CRM Contacts

In today's digital world, where automated messages clutter our inboxes, the value of authentic one-on-one connections is paramount. Introducing the innovative technique of 1-2-1 email sequences, a personalised strategy aimed directly at CRM contacts. This thoughtful approach has the power to awaken idle leads, transforming 'uncontactable' or 'dropped out' prospects into active and eager customers.


The Personal Touch

Imagine opening your inbox and finding an email that not only knows your name but remembers your past conversations. This is the magic of personalisation. When we craft emails that feel like they're written directly from us rather than an automated system, it creates a powerful connection. For instance:

"Hi [First Name],

I remember you chatted with my colleague, [Colleague Name], back in [month], but things didn't move forward.

Have you found what you were looking for, or is there a chance to continue the conversation?"


Such emails bring back past interactions, rekindling interest and opening doors to new possibilities.


Encouraging Positive Responses

These hyper-personalised emails hold the potential to work wonders. By reaching out with warmth and understanding, many recipients are prompted to reply and reopen conversations that were once considered closed.

These responses, often brimming with insights, can reignite interest or open new opportunities and steer the prospect back on the path to becoming a customer. This nurturing strategy doesn't just focus on immediate results; it's a well-played move that could lead to future business.


A Steady Flow of Engagement

The art of 1-2-1 email sequences goes beyond the initial touch. If the first email doesn’t elicit a response, a well-timed follow-up comes into play. This second email, arriving after a specific interval (such as X days later), is designed to subtly jog the prospect's memory. For instance,

"Did you see my previous email, [First Name]?

Let me know if you are open to chat."

This thoughtful nudge further reinforces the concept of a personalised and human-driven interaction, leaving no doubt that genuine engagement is at the heart of our approach.

However, the journey doesn't end here. These sequences can continue, carefully crafted to accommodate the recipient's responses or lack thereof. If interest isn't rekindled, the sequence can naturally wind down, ensuring that recipients are engaged only as long as they are interested.


Slow and Steady Wins the Inbox

One notable advantage of 1-2-1 email sequences is their gentle, gradual pacing. These sequences are intentionally set to send a modest number of emails per day, often as low as 30. This measured approach not only keeps your emails out of the spam folder but also ensures a higher likelihood of landing in the recipient's primary inbox.



In an era where genuine human connections are often masked by automation, 1-2-1 email sequences emerge as a beacon of authentic engagement. By blending hyper-personalisation, timely follow-ups, and a measured pace, these sequences rekindle conversations and offer a genuine opportunity for prospective buyers to revisit their decisions. This approach doesn't just prompt responses; it nurtures relationships, creates opportunities, and transforms seemingly lost prospects into future success stories.


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