Case Study: Using Bulk Email Delivery for Lead Generation

In 2021 Emailmovers ran its first email marketing campaign on behalf of a commercial finance broker. This resulted in multiple leads generated. One particular order had a ROI of around 8900%. This then kick started a series of other campaigns on behalf of the client.

Resulted in multiple leads and an impressive ROI of around 8900%

Campaign success led to a series of subsequent campaigns on behalf of the client

Lead to continued collaboration and new marketing plans from other clients

Case Study

About Client

The client provides asset finance & banking facilities to all types of businesses from start-ups to established corporations, including private and public limited companies, sole traders, partnerships and private individuals.


The client had previously bought email data from Emailmovers to do their own in-house marketing, however when they received an email offer for a fully managed campaign from Emailmovers in 2021, they decided that they may benefit from the help of the experts.


The main challenge of this campaign was to find businesses that were in need of funding. The client wanted a way to generate new leads that could be followed up with a more in-depth consultative discussion.


Emailmovers had to decide the best way to achieve the desired results from their range of different email marketing tools.

Solution of Bulk Email Delivery


Once the target audience had been agreed, Emailmovers identified the best solution for delivery would be Deliverite due to the volume of contacts.


The client provided their email content, a highly personalised email, tailored to the market. The copy was designed to look like a 1-2-1 email and written in a way that would initiate a reply. There weren’t any direct links in the copy, only in the footer of the email. This was to mirror a direct and personal email.


The Emailmovers campaigns team scheduled the email campaign and contacts to be split into 5 pots and to be sent over 5 days per week. There were a total of 4 campaigns per month (1 per week) sent on behalf of the client.


Any responses to the email were then forwarded directly to the client for them to make contact with the leads immediately.
There has been some additional refining of the data set since the first campaign in order to get the target audience to the client’s preference.


The campaigns have proven to be successful for the client in generating new business leads. They have reported one particular lead going to order for a substantial amount, so their return on investment has been well over 8900%.


The client continues to work besides Emailmovers for Campaigns. Variations of content, data sets and strategy have proven to be successful with the client, of whom 3 new members have approached Emailmovers with email marketing plans for the coming months.


results of Bulk Email Delivery

Managed Email Marketing Campaigns

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