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UK and Global email data lists

Find new customers using the UK’s largest GDPR compliant email marketing database.

As data owners with nearly 20 years of expertise, we have the data you are looking for.

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    Email Data & Marketing Services


    UK Business Email Data

    If you target businesses you can get access to up to 1 million compliant UK business email addresses. Target by:

    • Job Role
    • Industry/Business Type
    • Geography
    • Employee Size/Turnover

    UK Consumer Email Data

    Reach consumers by email and drive quality traffic to your eCommerce or Corporate website. Target by:

    • Gender/Age/Employment
    • Income Bracket/Home Owner
    • Location
    • Interests/Hobbies

    Global B2B & B2C Email Data

    If you’re looking for a global reach we can help you target prospects from across the World. With access to millions of email contacts, you can reach contacts from over 150 countries. Target:

    • Business or Consumer
    • EU, USA, Africa, Asia
    Data Marketing Assoc

    We are a DMA member

    For information about how the email data we provide is processed in accordance with GDPR, read our Data Compliance & Marketing Transparency information.


    Email Cleansing

    Email cleansing removes bad email addresses from your marketing databases. Prevent bad email data from degrading your database and results. Our email validation service takes your data through 4 stages of validation and can resolve every single email address, even on the most problematic data files.

    Get your email database fresh and up-to-date, identifying:

    • Hard-bounces
    • Gone-aways
    • Spam traps
    • Duplicates
    • Invalid email addresses

    Email & Data Appending

    Many companies simply do not have the right personalised email address for the contacts they hold on their data sets. They also experience problems with hard bounces and genuine gone-aways in their data. With data appending you can:

    • Find the correct email address for your contact
    • Find an alternative contact in that role if left position

    Transforming your customer database into a powerful online sales and marketing engine.
    If there is gaps for other information such as postal, telephone, mobile or other company or demographic information, these can also be appended.

    Request Email Data Quotes

    If you are looking for a new prospect email data list for your next email campaign, let us know your requirements for a free quote by using the ‘Talk to Us’ box.

    Alternatively, you can email our team on or call us on 01723 800030.