We’ve Changed! A refreshed website and brand

Emailmovers are very excited to announce the launch of our new branding and website.

As we come into our 18th year we have decided it is time to reflect the changes of the company and show how we have grown. Not only do we have many loyal clients within the UK that we have been working with for some time but we have now branched out to other areas across the World with many new clients, partners and relationships.

We have always been a market leader for UK B2B email data, as one of only a handful of data owners in the UK. Our services extend to the full email marketing experience, from email campaigns to data enhancement – Your one stop shop for email marketing! In the past year we have also launched 2 exciting new email marketing products to cater for different business needs, Deliverite and Sherpa.

As we continue to grow and evolve we felt that now is the right time to reflect this in our brand. In order to show the progression of the company and our technological approach to email data and marketing, we have altered our company icon from the traditional envelope, to a more modern take on the envelope. The new colours also reflect our brand as professional and modern:

emailmovers logo rebrand

With a new brand comes a new website!

The new website is designed to help our clients and potential clients to navigate to the area of the business they need with ease. Our goal is always to help our clients to have a positive experience with Emailmovers, every step of the way.

Our new website is a reflection of us as a company and as individuals. With new remote working available to our employees and video calling  becoming more the norm, you are getting to know your Account Manager and our team even better, as they almost invite you into their homes.
We have a new ‘Meet the Team’ page designed to give you a face to a name and also a direct contact with whoever you are speaking to at each stage of your experience with Emailmovers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for your support, especially after a couple of difficult years for most. If there are any areas of your marketing strategy you would like some help and advice for, feel free to speak to a member of our team anytime! We hope you like our new look and feel as much as we do and that you find our website easier to navigate and access to get the answers to your email marketing needs.

We welcome your feedback at enquiries@emailmovers.com

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